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Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero, real name Nick Rotteveel, was born January 6th 1989 in the small city of Amerongen, Holland. A keen interest in the drums and an early career spinning house and r&b quickly evolved into an unbridled passion for music production. Early releases, picked up by boutique outfit Once Records, caught the attention of some of the more established labels: Spinnin’, Fly Eye, Toolroom and Flamingo Recordings.

Listen to his show “Protocol” every Thursday, 23:00 PM (Cairo Local Time).

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  1. eslam says:

    very good

  2. محمود says:

    السنه دي خسايري الماديه كتير.بس قريب هبقي اب بعد 4 سنين انتظار

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